Snow crab season extension
Minister of Fisheries Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen. Image: Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet

Snow crab season extension

Norwegian fishermen get an additional nine days to fish for snow crab as Minister of Fisheries Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen announced that the season will close on 10th July, instead of the original 1st July date. Last year’s season was also extended.

‘There is currently good snow crab fishing on the Norwegian continental shelf in the Barents Sea. We want to make it possible for the fleet to take full advantage of this fishery before it ends,’ Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen said.

The snow crab fishery is closed as the crab shed their shells, and after the fishery ends on 10th July, it will remain closed to 30th September.

While the season has been extended, vessels will also have to get used to operating with fewer traps, as the 12,000 limit has been reduced to 9000, plus there is a requirement for traps to be lifted every three weeks.

‘The prevents traps being stored at sea, and reduces the risk of ghost fishing. It is important that operators are able to bring their gear ashore, preferably in one trip,’ he said, commenting that the industry feels is a manageable number.

Rules on marking gear are also changing, with a requirement for the trap at each end of a string to be marked in a way that identifies the owner. The minimum carapace size is being reduced from 100mm to 95mm.

These new rules take effect from 10th July, and are therefore applicable for next winter’s snow crab season.