Skipasýn design streamlines fuel consumption
The Skipasýn-designed Baldvin Njálsson is expected to delivered in late 2021. Image: Skipasýn

Skipasýn design streamlines fuel consumption

Icelandic ship designer Skipasýn is presenting a new design for an economically efficient filleter factory trawler, with delivery of the first order to be delivered in late 2021.

Baldvin Njálsson has been ordered by Nesfiskur and is to be built by Astilleros Armon – at the same shipyard where the company’s present trawler of the same name was built, when it was the Santodomingo shipyard.

The 66 metre Baldvin Njálsson is expected to be delivered in late 2021 and to be ready for sea in early 2022.

Skipasýn has optimised the design with two levels of palletised cargo in the refrigerated fishroom, as well as incorporating a number of mechanised cargo handling systems.

The 66 metre design offers a 67 tonne bollard pull, a 580 square metre processing deck and a 1720 cubic metre refrigerated fishroom.

The trawler’s construction-friendly design is intended to streamline the build process and reduce capital construction costs, while a series of hull form and propulsion optimisations are expected to minimise fuel consumption and running costs. These are similar to the optimisation measures that were applied to the two 50 metre trawlers, Breki and Páll Pálsson, which began fishing in 2018.

According to the report that Skipasýn presented at the Seafood Conference Iceland last month, these two trawlers have been shown to consume 35-40% less fuel compared to similar sizes of vessels operated by the same companies, relative to similar catch levels.