SFF joins in Rockall debacle
The Scottish Fishermen's Federation supports the Scottish government's position on Rockall

SFF joins in Rockall debacle

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation has come out in support of the Scottish government in its stance on Rockall.

This week the Scottish government informed the Irish authorities that it would take enforcement action against Irish fishing vessels operating within the 12-mile limit around the rock.
‘We fully support the Scottish Government’s stance on Rockall – Irish vessels have no legal right to fish within 12 nautical miles,’ said SFF chief executive Bertie Armstrong.
‘The area is recognised in UK law as part of Scottish territorial waters and hosts multi-million pound haddock, monkfish and squid fisheries that are hugely important to our fleet. The Scottish Government is right to impose compliance, full stop.’
‘At a time when we are moving towards independent coastal state status it lays down a benchmark for the future,’ he added.