RFC newbuilds and shore plant get green light
The Russian Fishing Company has approval for four more ST-192 trawlers under the Investment Quotas Programme. Image: RFC

RFC newbuilds and shore plant get green light

Russian authorities have approved applications from the Russian Fishery Company to build four fishing vessels and a shore-based processing plant in the Northern region. The company plans to take up the option it has to build the four additional fishing vessels at the Admiralty Shipyard in St Petersburg.

RFC already has six vessels already approved under previous rounds of the investment quota programme and scheduled for construction at the Admiralty yard. The four additional vessels have been approved under the latest round, and were subject to an auction process as the number of applications exceeded the volume of quotas allocated to the programme.
The processing plant for handling cod and haddock is planned for Murmansk, where RFC and the Agama Group are already co-operating to build the Russian Cod factory, scheduled to be commissioned this year.
‘The Russian Fishery Company is focused on active and long-term development,’ commented RFC’s CEO Fedor Kirsanov.
‘Today, as part of the investment quota programme, we are building six supertrawlers and two fish processing plants. New capacities will be put into operation during the current year and the next four years. This means that very soon the RFC will have a fleet of a new level of efficiency and safety and will provide the possibility of processing up to 100% of the catch into high value added products. Investment projects which will be launched as a result of the auction, will be another step in strengthening the company’s leading position in the field of wild white fish mining and processing.’
The additional vessels are similar in design to those under construction today. These are trawlers with a length of 108 metres, each of which is designed for catching and waste-free processing of more than 50,000 tonnes of fish per year.
The design capacity of the fish processing plant in Murmansk is at least 25 tonnes of fillet and other products from cod and haddock per day. As well as the plant under construction today, the project will be implemented in partnership with leading Russian seafood producer Agama Group.