Pelagic newbuilds go electric

Pelagic newbuilds go electric

Orders for electric winch systems for two pelagic vessels on order at the Karstensen yard in Skagen have gone to Rapp Marine.

The two newbuilds are for Danish company Lingbank Fiskeri’s new Lingbank and the Swedish Clipperton, owned by B-C Pelagic which is a recent merger of the Clipperton and Bristol fishing companies which have joined forces and amalgamated their tonnage to build a new vessel.

Both Lingbank and Clipperton will be supplied with 60-tonne pull Rapp Marine TWS-22035RE trawl winches managed by PTS-Pentagon CbusEF trawl computers. Both new trawlers are being fitted with electric main drive systems with an active front end and common rectifier, and a DC link. Identical hydraulic drive systems for the fish pumps and other operations are part of each package, as are the 18 inch FHR-480S fish hose reels and HHRL fish pump hydraulic hose systems.

Both vessels have the same 3.60 tonne SOW-502RSE net sounder winch going on board, while Clipperton has twin 80 tonne net drums and a 60 tonne tail end winch and Lingbank is taking twin 60 tonne net drums and a 38 tonne tail end winch.

Jens Schneider Rasmussen, one of Lingbank’s owners, said that initially they did not consider an electric winch system, but were quickly convinced of the benefits of going electric.

‘We’ll get a proven range of deck machinery products, complying with the standards and requirements of tomorrow,’ he said, adding that their focus has been on reliability, efficiency and cost, which they strongly believe Rapp Marine will deliver.

Marcus Backman at B-C Pelagic is also very pleased with the choice of electric drive from Rapp Marine on their new Clipperton.

‘For us, reliability, safety and working environment is important and electrical equipment will have a positive effect in terms of reducing fuel consumption,’ said Marcus Backman at B-C Pelagic. ‘With these Rapp Marine electric winch solutions, we will be able to fish effectively and keep down the operating costs.’

‘These two contracts represent a significant breakthrough both for us as a company as well as for our electric deck machinery systems for these types of fishing vessels,’ commented Rapp Marine’s VP Sales Morten Stenkjær.

‘The electric winch concepts are derived from Rapp Marine’s well proven hydraulic solutions and based upon the company’s extensive experience and know-how built up over decades, serving the international fishing fleet. I am delighted that both B-C Pelagic and Lingbank Fiskeri have concluded that our electric systems represent the solution for the future.’