Özata Shipyard starts cutting steel for new Vikanøy
The Özata Shipyard in Turkey has started cutting plates for new Norwegian seiner Vikanøy. Image: Özata Shipyard

Özata Shipyard starts cutting steel for new Vikanøy

The steel cutting ceremony marking the commencement of work on new Norwegian purse seiner/seine netter Vikanøy has taken place at the Özata Shipyard in Turkey, with the first steel cut and welded for invited guests.

The new Vikanøy has been designed by NSK. Image: NSK Ship Design

The ceremony was attended by the Özata Shipyard’s founder Ozdemir Ataseven and the board was represented by Gokhan Ataseven, with Jon Edvard Johnsen and John Martin Johnsen of Vikanøy’s operating company Havbør AS also participating.
The 44 metre LOA, 11.50 metre beam Vikanøy has been designed by Norwegian naval architect NSK Ship Design, and delivery is expected to take place in the summer of 2020.
The new Vikanøy replaces a smaller vessel built in 2011 and it will operate on herring and mackerel as a purse seiner, switching to seine net gear to fish for cod, haddock and saithe. The new vessel will have a processing deck, as well as RSW capacity and the capability of delivering live fish. Much of Vikanøy’s equipment and systems will be delivered by Norwegian suppliers.
Accommodation is for a crew of up to ten. Vikanøy’s hull design is optimised for low fuel consumption and operating efficiency.