Ocean documentary available with English text

Ocean documentary available with English text

Mathilde Jounot’s crowdfunded film, Oceans, La Voix des Invisibles (Oceans, the Voice of the Invisibles), which explores the relationship between NGOs, corporations and the perceived efforts made towards privatising the oceans is now available with its English subtitles.

The film was shot last year by the French filmmaker and premiered at the annual Pêcheurs du Monde film festival last month in Lorient. The crowd-funded film attracted enough backing to be able to delve into issues surrounding increasing regulation of the oceans, as well as the question of privatisation and the shadowy role in this played by NGOs.

The subtitled version can now be seen here. It costs €1 to have access to the film for 48 hours.

The documentary asks plenty of questions about the direction in which fisheries management is headed, pointing out that fishermen are the genuinely endangered species as it concludes that multi-national companies are working to bring about privatisation of the world’s oceans, disguised as conservation and under a concerted campaign of misinformation.

Mathilde Jounot’s film looks into the financial mechanisms at work behind the scenes, and offers a new perspective on the state of the oceans and the politics surrounding ever-increasing regulation of fishing.

The film is expected to be screened by French TV stations.