New seiner/trawler for Stellendam company
Padmos will build the new Anne Marie SL-26

New seiner/trawler for Stellendam company

Stellendam company Zeevisserijbedrijf Van Seters has placed an order for a new multi-role fishing vessel to be built at the Padmos yard.

The company has already operated fly-shooter SL-27 since 2008, when the former beamer was extensively rebuilt, and the smaller new vessel is an addition.

Although the intention had initially been to opt for a 30 metre fly-shooter, instead the van Seters family chose to go with a versatile twin-rig/fly-shooter design on similar lines to the current series of vessels being built at Padmos for Dutch owners including the recently delivered UK-124.

The steelwork of the 24.95 metre Anne Marie SL-26 is to be completed at CSR and fitting out will be done at Padmos. There are a few differences to the other newbuilds in the series, including a variation on the wheelhouse arrangement and the aft gantry layout.

The new SL-26 is expected to be delivered to the van Seters family in the summer of 2021.