New president for port of Lorient Keroman
Fabrice Loher has been elected president of SEM-Lorient Keroman. Image: Lorient Agglo/Jean-Benoit Beven

New president for port of Lorient Keroman

Mayor of Lorient and president of Lorient Agglomeration Fabrice Loher has been elected president of SEM-Lorient Keroman, the company managing the port of Lorient.

The port faces challenges, and the dual problems of Brexit and Covid-19 only add to these as the port’s new president seeks to draw up a roadmap for its future.

‘Everyone has to work together; representatives of coastal fishing, deep-sea fishing, fish sellers, logistics, service companies,’ he said.

Decisions also need to be taken concerning the port’s growing ship repair activities, currently managed by SEM Lorient Keroman.

‘Important decisions will have to be taken quickly,’ Fabrice Loher said.

Then there are questions about the development of the port, the management of waste ground, the establishment of maritime training, and also the development of offshore wind power in partnership with the commercial port, renewable marine energies, and the need to work on increasing the value of by-products from fisheries.

‘We can see that there are big issues and that we have big challenges ahead of us – and we have to be able to act,’ Fabrice Loher said.

Alongside the new president’s election, two vice-presidents have also been elected. Alain Nicolazo is mayor of Cléguer, and become vice-president in charge of finance within the Lorient Agglomeration, while Patrice Valton, mayor of Larmor-Plage becomes vice-president of Lorient Agglomeration, in charge of ports and yachting.


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