New Parkol crabber for Scrabster
Osprey WK-4 has been built by Parkol and is now fishing from Scrabster. Image: Parkol Marine Engineering

New Parkol crabber for Scrabster

A new 19 metre LOA, 7 metre breadth vivier crabber has been completed by Parkol Marine Engineering for the Holborn Fishing Company, and has begun fishing from Scrabster.

Osprey has a 32,000 litre vivier capacity. Image: Parkol Marine Engineering

The fully shelterdecked Osprey WK-4 has a 32,000 litre vivier capacity, with a pair of Baudouin engines to run the viver pumps. In addition there is dry hold and refrigerated bait storage capacity on board.

Osprey has a 2-tonne Britannia slave hauler and gunwale roller forward on the starboard side, with a gear handling layout that takes creels back aft to a shooting table.

The main engine is a Mitsubishi S6A3 MPTAW main engine driving a Reintjes gearbox with a 7:1 reduction to turn a 1900mm propeller.

Built to work with a crew of eight, Osprey is arranged designed with a bulbous bow, soft nose stem, and has a full-length non-weathertight shelter fabricated in aluminium. The main deck has an aft galley, mess area and washroom, and skipper’s cabin in the full-width deckhouse aft.

Below deck level there are four watertight bulkheads dividing the crew accommodation and steering gear compartment, engine room, vivier, and the hold and forepeak spaces.

Tank capacities are for 12,000 litres of fuel and 4000 litres of water, as well as the 32,000 litre vivier capacity.