Navimon to renew fleet with three new longliners
Navimon has placed orders for three more 20.70 metre longliners with Piriou. Image: Piriou

Navimon to renew fleet with three new longliners

Sem Solil subsidiary Navimon, New Caledonia’s main fishing company, has placed an order with Piriou for the last three new longliners in a series of eight for fishing in New Caledonia’s EEZ.

The original two vessels for Navimon were delivered by Piriou at the end of 2018, when the order for the next three was signed and these vessels are expected to be delivered by the end of this year.

Now Navimon has placed orders for the final three 20.70 metre LOA, 6.90 metre beam longliners.

‘Operating the first two vessels for more than a year reinforced our technical choices and confidence in the Piriou team which led us to continue the programme together,’ said Navimon general manager Florent Pithon.

These new vessels are designed to improve crew comfort and security, make maintenance operations easier, optimise running costs and comply with security and environmental requirements. The longliners are designed to have 340kW main engines, 50 cubic metre chilled fishroom capacity, plus a 25 cubic metre fishroom space refrigerated to 20°.

‘Following our latest orders of trawlers for metropolitan France, of a 67 metre deep sea tuna fishing vessel and the recent delivery of 60 and 63 metre longliners for La Réunion, this confirmation of the third part of the contract for the eight longliners series strengthens our presence in the artisanal and industrial fishing in collectivities and overseas territories as well as in France,’ said Piriou Group general manager Vincent Faujour.