Morgere promotes Exocet doors in Canada

Morgere promotes Exocet doors in Canada

Morgère will be promoting its successful Exocet trawl doors at Fish Canada/Workboat Canada 2016 in Moncton, New Brunswick, on the 22nd-23rd of January.

Since the launch of Exocet a year ago, this door design has proved extremely popular with skippers in eastern Canada with 14 sets of doors ordered in 2015 alone and many other fishermen showing strong interest.

According to Michel Dagorn of Morg|ere, Canadian skippers have been attracted by the robustness and stability offered by the Exocet door, combined with reduced drag that benefits fuel consumption. A key feature is the lower angle of attack compared with a standard door while maintaining the same spread.

“We’re delighted by the strong interest shown by Canadian skippers in the Exocet doors, which has been reinforced by a good number of orders over the past year. The Exocets seem to be ideally suited for demersal fisheries in Atlantic Canada. These are versatile doors and can be used in a variety of different trawl configurations,” he said, adding that Morgère’s PV3 trawl doors have also proved very popular with Canadian fishermen in recent years.

In association with their Canadian agent North Atlantic Marine Supplies & Services (NAMSS), Morgère will be displaying a scale model of the Exocet at Fish Canada/Workboat Canada 2016 and explaining to skippers the key advantages offered by the Exocet doors.