Longliner for Iceland close to completion in Gdansk
Páll Jónsson almost complete at the Alkor yard in Gdansk. Image: Kjartan Viðarson/Vísir

Longliner for Iceland close to completion in Gdansk

A new 45 metre longliner under construction for Icelandic company Vísir is approaching completion at the Alkor yard in Gdansk.

The Navís-designed Páll Jónsson is the first newbuild of this size in the company’s near-50-year history, and will replace an older vessel of the same name.

‘Right now we are running trials to ensure that everything is in good order before we steam the new vessel home,’ said Vísir’s fleet manager Kjartan Viðarson, adding that the last trials are in progress, but the final details can sometimes take longer than expected to resolve.

‘We’re making sure that everything to do with the new Páll Jónsson is ready before we sail.’

The MagPacker takes the backache out of handling longline gear on board. Image: Mustad

Páll Jónsson is fitted with a Mustad Autoline system supplied by Ísfell, which is also the first such system supplied in Iceland with a Magpacker automated racking system to minimise labour on board, as well as a SuperBaiter, hauler, splitter and laser-powered Sea Bird Saver to deter seabirds from approaching the line to steal bait.

Páll Jónsson will be fishing with 9.50mm lines supplied by Fiskevegn, rigged with ‘40,000’ hooks. These are extra-strength number 12 hook, made with the same amount of material as the larger number 13 hook, giving the hooks greater strength and weight for their size.

Skaginn 3X is supplying the complete catch handling system to bleed, chill and grade fish, and the management system for the 420-tub capacity fishroom. This has been developed in co-operation with Marel, which is providing the grader and other items.