King Pelagique recertified by Friend of the Sea
King Pelagique has been recertified for multiple sustainability categories. Image: King Pelagique

King Pelagique recertified by Friend of the Sea

Fully-integrated Moroccan seafood company King Pelagique has renewed certification for sustainable seafood, fish products, and fish oils.

Certification body Friend of the Sea has recertified Morocco’s King Pelagique Group in multiple categories of sustainability. King Pelagique Group can continue to display the Friend of the Sea eco-label on its products.

‘King Pelagique Group operates a highly complex fishing and manufacturing business across multiple fish-related categories, so their dedication to sustainability is all the more impressive,’ said Friend of the Sea director Paolo Bray.

‘Getting recertified in multiple categories represents a serious undertaking,’ he said.
Friend of the Sea has recertified King Pelagique Group each year since 2013 for sustainable practices in the production of seafood, fishmeal, fish oil and Omega 3. Based in Dakla in southern Morocco, the company has 1400 staff and specialises in small pelagics. This includes sardines, sardinella, mackerel and horse mackerel. The company is fully integrated, with its operations spanning fishing, processing, freezing and canning. King Pelagique Group also produces fish-derived products such as Omega 3 fish oils.

King Pelagique Group has earned a number of certifications beyond Friend of the Sea. The company is BRC Food certified. They are also compliant with FDA and IFS food standards. For King Pelagique Group, sustainability is part of a bigger picture of economic development.

‘We deliver our international customers the best of the Ocean. We want to be a catalyst for the development of our region,’ said King Pelagique’s CEO Mohammed Zebdi.