Iceland’s winter season gets going
Bergur-Huginn’s trawler Vestmannaey. Image: Síldarvinnslan/Guðmundur Alfreðsson

Iceland’s winter season gets going

Both of the trawlers operated by Westman Islands company Bergur-Huginn docked yesterday with full fishrooms, as Iceland’s south coast winter season looks to be getting underway.

According to Vestmannaey’s skipper Birgir Thór Sverrisson, they finished a good trip on redfish and cod.

‘We’ve just come back from the shipyard where some changes were made to the catch handling deck, so we started fishing on the Hvalbakur Rise and had most of our fish off Ingólfshöfði and in the Skerja Deeps. This was a fine trip and the catch handling equipment works like a dream,’ he said.

‘Now there’s heavy fishing here around the Islands and it feels like the season is getting underway.’

‘Things are getting lively and the cod are showing up,’ said Bergey’s skipper Jón Valgeirsson.

‘In the last trip we started in the Skerja Deeps with some good mixed fishing and quite a bit of redfish, and then shifted to grounds off Vík for cod and saithe. Things are looking pretty good,’ he said.

With heavy weather and an easterly wind blowing around the Islands, both skippers reckoned on staying in overnight and sailing again today.


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