Gulf of California, Mexico thread herring fishery enters MSC

Gulf of California, Mexico thread herring purse seine fishery has successfully entered into the independent assessment under the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) certification program. After completion of assessment the fishery can use the prestigious MSC label on its products.

The fishery is using purse seine nets in the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) area 77, managed by the Instituto Nacional de Pesca (INAPESCA). Thread herring are caught as a secondary species group in the MSC certified sardine fishery in the Gulf of California. The fishery complies with Sections 27.4 of the MSC Certification Requirements and does not engage in destructive fishing practices or violate any international agreements, nor is it controversial in the international community, and is, as part of the Mexican Pacific sardine fishery, in scope of a full assessment.

There are 36 vessels in operation in this fishery and in 2009/2010, the total allowable catch quota of thread herring for this fishery unit was 85,116 tonnes. Nearly 80 percent of the total production is used for reduction to fish meal, which is usually utilised for animal feeds, the other 20 percent are canned.