Gondan launches Norwegian factory trawler
Prestfjord’s new factory trawler has been floated off at the Gondan yard in Spain. Image: Gondan

Gondan launches Norwegian factory trawler

The Gondan shipyard at Figueras in Spain has launched a new factory trawler which will be delivered next year to Norwegian fishing company Prestfjord AS.

Designed by Kongsberg Maritime (formerly Rolls-Royce), the new trawler has a 77.30 metre overall length and a 17 metre beam. With a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure, it is designed to operate in the Barents Sea and Svalbard areas of the Arctic, with capacity for both whitefish and shrimp.

It has accommodation for a crew of up to 29, and this is the second Gondan vessel that for Prestfjord AS.

The new trawler will have a highly sophisticated processing and freezing deck, with a 2250 cubic metre fishroom and capacity to produce fishmeal and fish oil on board.

The wave piercing hull design and hybrid propulsion system are designed to reduce environment impacts and minimise operational costs.

The propulsion system incorporates a Rolls-Royce B33:45 main engine developing 7200kW, with a Bergen C25:33L6A auxiliary engine developing 1920kW, with a 550kW auxiliary generator and a Hybrid Shaft Generator with a 2950kW PTO output and a 2000kW PTI intake. plus a 350kW battery energy storage capacity.

The new trawler is being fitted with twin wing trawl winches and twin mid trawl winches, plus a single net drum, eight sweepline winches at the head of the full-length trawl deck and a package of smaller winches.