Friend of the Sea certifies L’Acquachiara Srl
Fish and shellfish producer L’Acquachiara has been awarded Friend of the Sea certification. Image: Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea certifies L’Acquachiara Srl

Adriatic shellfish producer L’Acquachiara Srl, a top Italian producer of shellfish and other fish products, has earned certification for sustainable seafood production by Friend of the Sea.

The certification enables L’Acquachiara Srl to display the Friend of the Sea eco-label on its products.
‘L’Acquachiara is a leader in the industry, so we’re pleased to see their commitment to defending the marine environment,’ said Friend of the Sea director Paolo Bray.
‘With this certification, they are demonstrating how sustainability works in the supply chain of independent fishermen.’
One of the largest companies in the Italian seafood industry, L’Acquachiara is based in Chioggia, in the Venice region, which is among Italy’s busiest and most productive fishing centres. The company  has grown to become one of the main suppliers for fresh fish and seafood in Italy and Europe due to its wide range of products and the care it puts into its products and customers.
‘We have always aimed at searching for the best products possible coming from Italian and foreign suppliers in order to comply with the requirements of our customers, who are fish shops, wholesalers and supermarkets,’ a L’Acquachiara representative commented.
‘For that reason, our position in the national and European market has strengthened, thanks to the way we work, which is to be scrupulous and to follow the highest quality standards.’
The company specializes in shellfish, particularly mussels. They buy only from trusted fishermen directly or from the main European suppliers. L’Acquachiara also runs a modern purification plant as well, which guarantees high quality for the consumer.