Flyer provides lift in Channel fishery
Vónin’s Flyer provides headline lift – the faster the tow, the more lift is generated

Flyer provides lift in Channel fishery

Vónin’s Flyer, a headline lift device designed to replace trawl floats, has is becoming increasingly popular, most recently on an English trawler.

Copious has been fishing successfully with a Vónin Flyer

St Austell trawler Copious FH-145 has been using the Flyer successfully for trawling in waters off the south-west of England, and skipper Lee West said that the significantly better lift that the Flyer gives their trawl gear ash given them better catches, especially on haddock and whiting.
A single Flyer mounted on the headline has been enough to improve the performance of Copious’s fishing gear.
‘The Flyer does the same job as trawl floats, but in a much more effective way,’ said Vónin’s Óli Horn.
‘When the trawl is towed, water flow passes through the three foils and in this simple way creates hydrodynamic lift. The faster you tow, the more lift the Flyer generates.’
One of Vónin’s patented Flyers takes the same space on the headline as four standard eight-inch trawl floats.