Delighted with performance of Morgère’s Osprey doors
Kinlockbervie trawlers Endeavour IV and Venture II have achieved excellent results with the new Morgère Osprey doors

Delighted with performance of Morgère’s Osprey doors

The Lovie family who fish from Kinlochbervie in Scotland with their two demersal trawlers Endeavour IV and Venture II have been achieving good results with their new Osprey trawl doors from Morgère.

They have a long history of working with Morgère doors and the two trawlers have previously used Exocet and PV3 doors, but earlier this year they made the decision to make the switch to Osprey doors and have been delighted their performance.

Morgère’s new Osprey is a semi-pelagic trawl door and its design ensures there is lower drag, which in turn reduces fuel consumption.

The Lovie family’s Endeavour IV. Image: TrawlerPhotos

‘There is definitely a fuel saving from using Osprey and they spread very easily, which is important to us. They are also easy to shoot and come up well,’ said skipper David Lovie, who works with his father Peter, on the 29 metre Endeavour.

Endeavour, and the 30 metre Venture skippered by Mark Lovie target a wide range of groundfish species, as well as cod and haddock on grounds to the west and north of Scotland, often in challenging fishing conditions.

One of the attractions they find in using Morgére trawl doors is the excellent before and after sales service provided by the company, which with the most recent purchase of Osprey, included director Michel Dagorn travelling to Fraserburgh to help in the sea trials with the new doors.

‘We’ve been using Morgère doors for more than twenty years and the service they offer is second-to-none – and that helps ensure we get the maximum performance,’ he said.

‘We are proud of our long association with the Lovie family and  are delighted that they find our doors suit their requirements and deliver great fishing performance,’ commented Morgère’s Michel Dagorn.