Crab catcher launched at Tersan
Crab catcher Zenit for Russian company Arktikservice has been launched at Tersan. Image: Marine Engineering Bureau

Crab catcher launched at Tersan

A crab catcher-processor vessel for Russian company Arktikservice has been launched at the Tersan Shipyard in Turkey. Designed to operate on Kamchatka and Opilio crab, the 61.90 metre overall, 15 metre beam Zenit will now be fitted out at the yard before delivery to its owners later this year.
The ST-184 design for Zenit has been developed by Skipsteknisk and the Marine Engineering Bureau to be able to operate on crab in depths down to 400 metres, with processing on board and the processed and frozen catch stored in a 1150 cubic metre fishroom. Planned production capacity is for 30 tonnes per day of snow crab to produce 20 tonnes of frozen product, or 60 tonnes per day of Kamchatka crab for a 40 tonne yield.
Zenit has a 25555kW main engine to give an 11-knot speed, plus 940kW and 360kW gensets and a 1700kW shaft generator. A 600kW bow thruster and a 465kW stern thruster aid handling at low speeds.
A passive anti-pitching device is to be fitted to dampen vessel motion, with diesel fuel used as the anti-pitching medium.
Zenit will be fitted with a 1.5t/4.70m crane aft for handling crab traps, as well as a pair of 3t/10m cranes aft for discharging and a 1t/8m crane forward.
Accommodation will be for a crew of 38 in single and double cabins, plus there is to be a relaxation area with a gym and sauna.