Concarneau protest called off
Today’s planned protest by small-scale fishermen in Concarneau won’t be taking place. Image: Association Pleine Mer

Concarneau protest called off

A demonstration set to take place in the French port of Concarneau today, staged as a protest by small-scale fishermen and NGOs, will not be taking place as planned.

The demonstration had been timed to take place outside the offices of fishing company France Pélagique to coincide with the christening of pelagic vessel Scombrus.

The decision was taken by the local authority prohibit to protest from being held.

Association Pleine Mer, which had organised the protest as a ‘funeral for small-scale fisheries’, has claimed that the voices of artisanal fishermen are being silenced, calling the Finistère prefecture’s decision authoritarian and undemocratic.

Association Pleine Mer and its allies instead intends to hold a press conference in a café in Concarneau, and to follow this with a private gathering of fishermen and supporters.


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