CFPO advises short trips and staggered landings
South-West POs are advising short trips, spreading the risk in event of difficulties in selling catches

CFPO advises short trips and staggered landings

Fishing industry organisations in the South-West of England have been in discussion with the three auctions of Brixham, Newlyn and Plymouth, which have so far been able to function as normal.

The CFPO, SWFPO and Interfish FPO are looking at the concerns over which species could be vulnerable to a major drop in either demand or price, and their advice is to stick to shorter trips, focusing on smaller volumes of fish and higher quality.

‘Shorter trips are considered to be a wiser step rather than risking higher volumes from longer trips that may be more difficult to sell – obviously where possible or practical,’ the CFPO advises.

‘Please speak to your respective market, auctioneer or buyer about what you are catching and when you are intending to land to ensure they can spread landings. Market stability is more likely to be secured from shorter trips and staggered landings.’

According to the CFPO, there has so far been no major disruption of transport chains to the continent.

‘We are going to keep in close liaison with other South-West POs and markets this week and will endeavour to keep you informed as more information emerges.’

On the other side of the Channel, following a consultation carried out last week, the Normandy Fisheries Committee has taken the unprecedented step of closing the scallop fishery for the rest of the week, with the situation to be reviewed at the end of the week.