Burned-out trawler lifted in Tromsø harbour
Work is underway to lift Bukhta Nadzdnik, which caught fire and sank in Tromsø in September. Image: Kystverket

Burned-out trawler lifted in Tromsø harbour

Work is in progress to lift Russian trawler Bukhta Nadzdnik which caught fire and sank at the quayside in Tromsø in September.

Floating crane Gulliver lifted Bukhta Nadzdnik for it to be righted ahead of being towed away. Image: Kystverket

The Norwegian Coastal Administration had instructed the trawler’s owners to remove the vessel before 31st December and preparations began at the weekend with a floating crane brought to the scene to lift the wreck.

The trawler was clear on Monday this week and a Coastal Administration inspector reported that there has been no oil or ammonia leak from Bukhta Nadzdnik. The instruction to remove the vessel included a requirement for limiting pollution and ensuring any necessary seabed cleanup should be carried out.

Subsequent operations are to return the casualty to an upright position and pump it clear of water before clearing the fuel and other tanks ahead of Bukhta Nadzdnik being towed Hanøytangen near Bergen.

The oil spill response precautions and the lifting of the trawler are handled by the owners, with the support of insurer Skuld, with the lifting managed by salvage company Ardent which submitted a detailed plan of the proposed operation to the Coastal Administration and brought in Scaldis with its floating crane Gulliver to carry out the lift. Oil spill response vessel Runa is on site to assist in the lifting operation.