Antarctic longliner contract goes to Marin Teknikk
Tersan will deliver the Marin Teknikk-designed longliner to an as yet unnamed customer in September 2021. Image: Marin Teknikk

Antarctic longliner contract goes to Marin Teknikk

The already successful combination of Norwegian naval architect Marin Teknikk and the Tersan Shipyard in Turkey have been selected to build a freezer longliner for an unnamed international customer.

The longliner is to be built to Marin Teknikk’s MT1112 L design. The yard is already scheduled to built a longliner to the same design for Ervik Havfiske, which will be the yard’s 1100th newbuild, followed by no. 1101 for the unnamed company.

The longliner is scheduled for delivery in September 2021 and will have a 60.50 metre overall length with a 13 metre beam and accommodation for a crew of up to 30. It is expected to operate on Patagonian toothfish in the Southern Ocean.

According to Marin Teknikk’s Richard Gjerde, it will have a modern autoline system and a factory deck laid out with the focus on gentle handling and maintaining maximum quality.

‘The factory will also be equipped with systems to store residual raw material from the fish. Hull design and propulsion system are optimised for operations in demanding ice conditions as well as for reduced emissions of environmentally hazardous exhaust gases,’ he said, adding that a number of Norwegian suppliers will benefit as suppliers to the new longliner.

It’s very pleasing that a new foreign fishing company comes to Marin Teknikk to design its fishing vessel,’ he said.

‘The contracts strengthen Marin Teknikk’s position in this demanding and very exciting market in fishing vessel design.’