Affordable VSAT for fishing vessels
seaVsat’s Fishing Plus package has been introduced for fishing vessels of all sizes

Affordable VSAT for fishing vessels

seaVsat has introduced its Fishing Plus package, designed as an affordable option for fishing vessels and small commercial marine sector, but without compromising on quality.

Available throughout Europe and across North Africa, seaVsat’s Fishing Plus offers speeds of up to 10mbps, with guaranteed minimum speeds.

‘This uses the latest antenna hardware from Intellian Technologies, the number one maritime antenna manufacturer,’ said seaVsat sales manager Klaas-Jelle Koffeman.

‘This comes with a new, affordable 65cm Ku Band v60E maritime VSAT terminal with iDirect modem and voice router, to make this an ideal system at a genuinely affordable cost for fishing vessels of all sizes.’

seaVsat has hardware leasing options available, making the Fishing Plus package one of the most affordable on the market.


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