Vyborg yard cuts steel for new trawler
Vyborg Shipyard has begun cutting steel for the third of four KMT02 trawlers on order for Russian companies. Image: USC

Vyborg yard cuts steel for new trawler

The Vyborg Shipyard, part of Russia’s largest shipbuilder United Shipbuilding Corporation, has begun cutting steel for another in its series of KMT02 trawlers.

Blessing the new trawler’s first blocks as construction begins. Image: MEB

The yard is building four trawlers to this 80.40 metre LOA, 15.40 metre breadth design, and this latest project, the third in the series, is ordered by Atlantrybflot JSC, part of the For Group.

Work began on the first of the two Atlantrybflot trawlers, Yuri Matochkin, in late 2018. Two trawlers to the same overall design are also being built for Nord Pilgrim.

The KMT02 series trawlers are 4640kW twin-riggers intended for fishing primarily demersal species in northern waters.

They are designed to have versatile factory decks for producing fillets and minced fish with an 80 tonne/day freezing capacity, as well as a 48 tonne daily fishmeal and oil production rate and capacity for 4000 cans of fish products. The trawlers have a 2050 cubic metre fishroom capacity as well as a 260 cubic metre meal store.