The world’s first MSC-certified babyfood product

The world’s first MSC-certified babyfood product

The MSC label appears on over 23,000 sustainable seafood products distributed in over 100 countries worldwide, but had never been seen on a babyfood product. Until now that is! The breakthrough comes from the French company Yooji, which today launches its frozen cod portions, prepared solely with cod procured from MSC-certified sources.
A little can go a long way
With Yooji’s 100% flaked cod presented in small frozen portions, babies—with the help of their foresighted parents—can now help to preserve the ocean’s resources by eating MSC-labelled fish specially adapted to their needs.

Yooji is a start-up specialising in environmentally-friendly frozen babyfood. The company was created in 2012 in the Aquitaine region of France and it prides itself of aiming high and innovating. After initially proposing frozen vegetable purées in 20g portions, it is now expanding its range by launching two ‘100% protein’ products including the MSC-certified flaked cod portions.

Frédéric Ventre, founder of Yooji and father of four, shares his experience: “As a dad, it is important to me to offer environmentally-friendly quality products for the benefit of future generations. For our purées, right from the word go, we chose only organic vegetables. When we opted to develop a fish product, we naturally turned towards the MSC certification, which objectively and independently guarantees that the cod we offer has been fished in line with sustainable methods.”

A step further for the sustainable seafood market
The MSC label on seafood products promises the consumer that the seafood comes from fisheries that respect fish stocks and marine ecosystems. Today there is a real market for sustainable seafood products and consumer demand is constantly growing. Since 2010, the value of sales of MSC-labelled products in France has quadrupled.

Thanks to the commitment of fisheries and sector players, the number of MSC-certified products is continually rising: there are now more than 23,000 labelled products on the global market and 117 unique fish species in the MSC program. We can now find the label on fresh, frozen, and tinned seafood products, as well as dietary supplements and even animal fodder. The babyfood sector is therefore an important new step in the development of the MSC approach.

Edouard Le Bart, Head of MSC in France, is delighted by this launch: “Thanks to Yooji, France is leading the way in the babyfood sector. We congratulate their team for their commitment and innovative spirit. We hope that this example will inspire other sector players so that consumers can contribute to preserving our oceans from a very young age.”