Tersan’s 100th newbuild goes to Ervik Havfiske
Dette er værftets sjette nybygning til det norske rederi, hvor også rederiets fjerde og den femte nybygning i øjeblikket er under bygning til levering senere i år. Foto: Marin Teknikk

Tersan’s 100th newbuild goes to Ervik Havfiske

The Tersan Shipyard in at Yalova in Turkey has signed a contract with Norwegian fishing company Ervik Havfiske to build a new 60 metre longliner, designed by Marin Teknikk.

This will be the yard’s sixth vessel for Ervik Havfiske, while the fourth and fifth are currently under construction for delivery this year.

‘We are pleased and honoured to have such a long-term and successful relation with Ervik Havfiske,’ commented Tersan’s sales and marketing director Sakir Erdogan.

Tersan, Marin Teknikk and Ervik Havfiske staff celebrate the agreement for the latest longliner, due for delivery in 2021. Image: Marin Teknikk

‘We’re delighted to add the sixth vessel for Ervik Havfiske to our order book, and it is a further pleasure that our 100th new building contract will be built for Ervik Havfiske. This vessel will consolidate our good and long-term business relation with Ervik Havfiske to whom we have already delivered a number of different types of technologically complicated fishing vessels.’

This latest MT1112L longliner order is scheduled for delivery in the third quarter of 2021. It will have a 60.50 metre overall length and accommodation for up to 30. It will be fitted with a moonpool for handling longline gear and will have a high ice class specification, making it suitable for operating on toothfish in Antartctic regions.

‘We have been working closely with Stig and Kjell-Magne Ervik and their team for almost 25 years, and we feel this a recognition of our work in designing safe, practical, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective fishing vessels, especially adjusted to different fisheries and ocean areas where Ervik operates,’ said Marin Teknikk’s sales director Richard K. Gjerde.

The relationship between Ervik Havfiske, Marin Teknikk and the Tersan Shipyard goes back to the delivery of the ground-breaking diesel-electric longliner Frøyanes in 2010, and this vessel remains the largest longliner operating anywhere in the world.