PNA and ISSF set out co-operation framework

The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) which represents tuna operators and processors, and the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing a framework for mutual cooperation. The three-year MOU will establish a mechanism for working more closely together on shared activities to promote the sustainability of tuna fisheries, as well ecologically healthy and productive marine ecosystems, in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO).

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Sapmer reduces losses

La Réunion fishing company Sapmer has announced loss of €6.10 million for the 2015 operating year, close to half the amount lost the previous year (€11.9 million). The company has been through some difficult years and appears to be struggling to make returns on its heavy investments in new tonnage in recent years.

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Bluefin gaining strength

Bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean and Atlantic are doing better, according to a report by the French National Committee for Fisheries and Fish Farming (CNPMEM). Although the situation today is not perfect, bluefin have not disappeared as some NGOs had loudly predicted would happen by 2012.

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Tuna deadline tomorrow

Norway’s Ministry of Fisheries has set a deadline of tomorrow, 14th of March, for applications to take part in a trial bluefin fishery this year. Norway has a 43.71 tonne bluefin quota allocated by ICCAT. The Ministry is seeking one purse seiner and one longliner to take part in trials.

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