Super-efficient Norwegian trawler
Nordbas will be exceptionally energy-efficient when its new power generation arrangement has been completed. Image: Blueday Technology

Super-efficient Norwegian trawler

Nordnes Gruppen trawler Nordbas will have the capacity for diesel-free operation for hours at a time when it emerges from a major refit at the Kleven yard.

Blueday Technology is providing power generation and system design, including deliveries of generator, thruster motors, Power Management System, Integrated Automation System, Energy Management System, switchboards, drives, battery integration, tank monitoring system and transformers.

‘We take a considerable responsibility when it comes to reducing our environmental footprint through re-use, energy optimisation, quality and utilisation of residual raw material,’ said Nordnes Gruppen general manager Tormund Grimstad.

NordnesGruppen has taken steps to optimise operational energy requirements for different types of fisheries. It has put a great deal of effort into developing a highly cost-efficient fishing vessel, with focus on re-use and reduced environmental footprint.

The vessel is equipped with both well-established and new technology.

‘Blueday Technology has experience and an excellent track record in advanced power system designs, and we are confident that this latest design will meet our expectations. We also appreciate Blueday’s positive co-operation during the concept development phase of this project,’ said Mads Andreassen, technical superintendent at Nordnes.

‘Blueday Technology will be leading in the development and delivery of environmentally friendly and energy efficient products and systems for offshore, marine and aquaculture industry,’ commented Blueday Technology CEO Hans Petter Heggebø.

‘Lost productivity caused by poor performance or failure of a power plant or automation system can significantly reduce our customers’ revenue and profitability. Our Smart Hybrid Solutions establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, use and consumption.’

NordnesGruppen consists of several companies with around a hundred staff. Its current fleet consists of deep sea trawler Nordstar, coastal fishing vessel Vollerosa and Nordbas – currently undergoing a refit at Kleven.