Samherji checks out Norðurál’s Helguvík site
Samherji’s fishfarm at Staður near Grindavík. Image: Samherji

Samherji checks out Norðurál’s Helguvík site

Samherji Fish Farming, a division of the Icelandic Samherji fishing and processing group, is taking a careful look at the site at Helguvík in south-western Iceland owned by Norðurál, a subsidiary of Century Aluminum, with a view to farming salmon there.

According to a statement by Samherji, the result of a preliminary survey of the site is expected before the end of the year.

Samherji is already active in the Reykjanes region, with a harvesting and processing plant in Sandgerði, a nursery and on-growing site at Staður near Grindavík and an on-growing site at Vatnsleysuströnd. Samherji also has a salmon farm in Núpsmýri at Kópasker and a nursery in Núpar in Ölfus.

Samherji Fish Farming has mainly focused on land-based farming in its operations and is currently the largest producer of Arctic charr in the world with almost 3800 tonnes annually. The company also produces about 1500 tonnes of salmon.

‘Samherji Fish Farming is interested in growing salmon in a land-based farm and is considering the location of Norðurál’s assets at Helguvík. In the coming weeks, we will review the preconditions and possibilities for salmon farming in the area before further decisions are made,’ said Jón Kjartan Jónsson, managing director of Samherji Fish Farming.

Samherji Fish Farming will examine the feasibility of establishing a farm on the Helguvík site. Samherji’s representatives have informed the local authorities of Reykjanesbær and Suðurnesjabær of the situation, and the mayors of both municipalities have inquired about issues that are important in assessing the area’s possibilities for salmon farming.


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