Ruth kicks off with Vónin gear

Ruth kicks off with Vónin gear

Denmark’s newest pelagic vessel, the Hirtshals-registered Ruth, has made a good start on blue whiting grounds west of the Hebrides.

Ruth docked in Skagen from its second trip last weekend with a record-breaking 3500 tonnes in its tanks. This amount of fish was taken in only six tows, so the total fishing time for this trip was narrowed down to a mere two and a half days with the gear in the water for a total towing time of 32 hours.

‘The decision to order Vónin trawls and bags was taken some time ago, with the previous Ruth also using Vónin gear with great success,’ Jógvan S Jacobsen at Vónin said.

‘The new Ruth’s 2304-metre Capto trawl is the heavy-duty edition where there have been added a few millimetres to the head rope and footrope as well as the twine in the rear part of the belly. Skipper Hans Jacob Petersen is very satisfied with the trawl’s performance, getting an average opening of 120×230 metres using 240 metre bridles.’

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