Russian Fishery Company appoints new CEO
The new Russian Fishing Company CEO is Viktor Litvinenko. Image: RFC

Russian Fishery Company appoints new CEO

Russian Fishery Company CEO Fedor Kirsanov has been replaced by Viktor Litvinenko, who until now has been in the role of the director of the company’s Vladivostok-based Far Eastern Division.

The company has been going through the process since last month of centralising its business management in Vladivostok, and RFC is now in the capital of the Primorye region, from where it plans to continue its development.

New CEO Viktor Litvinenko has a lifetime’s maritime career behind him and his professional experience is entirely connected with the sea.

According to RFC, the decision to locate the company and its headquarters in the Far East allows administrative costs to be streamlined and for a number of efficiencies to be brought into play – and the seven-hour time difference between the company’s Moscow and Vladivostok offices had been a hindrance to improving efficiency.

Priority areas are the substantial renewal of the company’s fleet, with a number of new fishing vessels on order, development of the company’s crewing centre and gaining access to new markets with competitive value-added products.

The company has ten new trawlers on order from the Admiralty Shipyard in Saint Petersburg, representing a RUB 65 billion investment in the series as a whole. The new trawlers are designed for waste-free processing of primarily pollock fillets and surimi.

The first two trawlers in the series are to be named Kapitan Vdovichenko and Mekanik Maslak, after skipper Anatoly Vdovichenko (1937-2017) who retired in 1998 after thirty years working for companies that were incorporated into the RFC group, and engineer Vasily Maslak (1952 – 2018) who spent his working life with the group until his retirement in 2009.