RoteX thawing just got an upgrade

RoteX thawing just got an upgrade

Skaginn 3X’s new and improved RoteX Thawing will be displayed at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels this week.

‘We are continually striving to provide innovative solutions to increase end product quality and production efficiency without sacrificing the overarching goal of improved environmental impact,’ the company’s Jón Birgir Gunnarsson said, commenting that RoteX Thawing is built on a number of recent technological developments that support an even better defrosting process and increased food safety.

‘The new features include two-stage thawing and experience has demonstrated that production performs best with fish at a temperature of -1°C. Thawing and equalisation in separate stages secures high production yield and improves shelf life on the refresh market.’

An automatic pipe-cleaning system ensures regular cleaning of all piping on the RoteX, eliminating risk of bacterial cross-contamination.

‘The same RoteX tank can be set up for thawing or Sub-Chilling to better meet seasonal demand and provide optimal production possibilities for fresh and defrosted raw material, respectively.’

Skaginn 3X can be found at Seafood Expo Global this week on stand 4-6127