RFC forges ahead with modernisation programme

RFC forges ahead with modernisation programme

Russian Fishery Company (RFC) continues to invest in modernising its fleet of factory vessels, most recently with upgraded processing decks providing improved production capacities and capabilities to produce higher-grade products.

Factory vessel Pavel Batov has been fitted with a new processing line to more efficiently sort herring from pollock and a new fishmeal plant. This doubles Pavel Batov’s fishmeal production capacity to a level more than able to handle the factory deck’s production waste, while also producing meal with a higher protein content, strengthening RFC’s position on the Chinese and Korean markets.

The sorting line installed on board Pavel Batov provides opportunities for producing fillets from the herring by-catch during the pollock season, with a 20 tonne/day filleting machine added to the factory deck, with the option of upgrading this to a 30-35 tonne/day throughput capacity.

As part of the ongoing modernisation programme, a full upgrade of the factory deck on board factory trawler Kapitan Oleynichuk was also recently completed.

‘RFC is focused on increasing the production of products with high added value,’ commented RFC’s general director Fyodor Kirsanov.

To date, six vessels have been outfitted with systems for producing herring and pollock fillets at sea, as well as minced pollock.

Pollock fillets and minced fish produced and frozen at sea are the raw materials used for production of the company’s own Nordeco brand ready-meal products.