Researchers recommend doubled Norwegian sandeel quota
Sandeel samples from this year’s survey. Image: HI/Åse Husebø

Researchers recommend doubled Norwegian sandeel quota

Following a research survey carried on on chartered fishing vessel Eros, Norwegian researchers have identified that good North Sea conditions and strong recruitment provide a basis for recommending a sandeel quota increase to 250,000 tonnes.

The results of the Institute of Marine Research survey carried out on board Eros has returned the strongest recruitment results seen for twelve years.

‘This year’s survey went very well, with good weather and good working conditions. We have also never seen so much fish and estimate that the spawning stock is significantly larger than what we have observed over the past two decades,’ commented researcher Espen Johnsen.

‘It is very positive to see this species make such a comeback.’

The 250,000 tonne recommendation is double the amount licensed for last year’s fishery.
In 2011, Norway introduced its own quotas set for specific area as part of efforts to encourage the growth of the stock and to ensure sustainable fishing.

‘So far everything seems to indicate that the management model works. We have seen a steady improvement in almost the entire Norwegian economic zone. I hope and believe we have the right formula,’ Espen Johnsen said.

‘The key is good acoustic sampling surveys, good fishing data from the fishing fleet and area-based management that prevents too much local fishing pressure,’ he said.