Record catch, record values
The new Vestmannaey landed a full fishroom in the Westman Islands before tying up for the rest of the year. Image: Guðmundur Alfreðsson

Record catch, record values

It has been a great year for the trawlers operated by Síldarvinnslan subsidiary Bergur-Huginn, with 10,300 tonnes of fish landed and catch values of ISK2,76 billion.

These are the biggest catches the company’s trawlers have landed in any calendar year, up 150 tonnes over last year, and catch values are up ISK350 million.

It has been an eventful year for the company, with the new Vestmannaey delivered in July and the old Vestmannaey renamed Smáey, while Bergey was sold to new owners in Grundarfjörður. Smáey has been fishing under the old Bergey’s crew, who are ready to start fishing with the new Bergey in January.

In 2019 Bergey landed 4414 tonnes of fish with an ISK 1.14 billion value, while the old Vestmannaey (now Smáey) landed 5232 tonnes valued at ISK1.42 billion. In the short time since its catch handling deck was commissioned and it began fishing the new Vestmannaey has landed 655 tonnes with an ISK200 million value.

In 2019 the 5232 tonnes landed by Smáey/Vestmannaey is the largest catch by one of the company’s trawlers in a single year, narrowly beating Bergey’s 2018 total of 5230 tonnes by just two tonnes.

Vestmannaey landed a capacity trip in the Westman Islands earlier this week, followed by Smáey landing yesterday, with both now tied up until the New Year.