Pingtan sends newbuild trio to sea

Pingtan sends newbuild trio to sea

Chinese operator Pingtan Marine Enterprise has announced that three more of its fishing vessels have been completed and are ready for sea.

In October 2018, the Company had announced it would soon complete the modification and rebuilding project for its 27 new fishing vessels and place them in operation in batches across fishing areas in Indian Ocean international waters.

Earlier this month the first batch of four large-scale fishing vessels equipped with light attraction equipment sailed the port from Fuzhou. The second set of three vessels sailed on 16th November, also departing from Fuzhou.

This leaves a further twenty new vessels to be deployed in the Indian Ocean.

‘We are excited to sail off our modified and rebuilt new fishing vessels to their designated operation waters,’ said Pingtan chairman and CEO Xinrong Zhuo.

He added that these vessels’ catches will extent the company’s product line as they primarily focus on harvesting tuna, sardine, blackbody trevally, anchovy and mackerel fish products.

‘We look forward to deploying the remaining 20 large-scale squid jigging vessels in the upcoming month,’ he said.