Pella signs newbuild orders

Pella signs newbuild orders

The Leningrad Pella Shipyard near St Petersburg has signed contracts to deliver two freezer trawlers and a crabber for owners in Murmansk and the Russian Far East.

The two 61.04m LOA, 12.70m freezer trawlers are for Eridan and Strelets in Murmansk and the sister vessels are designed for both pelagic and demersal trawling, and with processing on board. Each will have a 1200 cubic metre fishroom, a 3480kW main engine and accommodation for a crew of 38, plus endurance to spend up to 30 days at sea.

The contract for the two Ice Class 2 trawlers was signed by the Leningrad Pella Shipyard’s Gerbert Tsaturov and Yuri Parshev, managing director of Eridan and Strelets.

Far East company Antey has placed its order for a 47.50m LOA by 12m beam crabber with a 1200kW main engine to be built at the Pella yard. This vessel is designed to handle conical crab traps and for catches to be sorted on board and held in chilled sea water tanks.

The Pella yard’s Gerbert Tsaturov and Antey general director Aleksey Polomar signed the agreement, plus the yard has struck a co-operation agreement with the Crab Catchers Association of the Far East laying out a framework for fleet renewal in the Far Eastern region and to further a dialogue on the potential construction of crabbing vessels to meet the requirements of the Far East crabbing sector.

The signing ceremony was attended by Petr Savchuk, the deputy head of the Federal Agency for Fishery of the Russian Federation, and Alexander Duplyakov, the president of Crab Catchers Association of the Far East, as well as the representatives of North-West Territorial Department of the Federal Agency for Fishery, Gazprombank, and the management and representatives of the Leningrad Pella Shipyard.