Ostervold to get Ibercisa deck hardware

Ostervold to get Ibercisa deck hardware

Spanish deck machinery manufacturer Ibercisa has signed an agreement to supply the new pelagic vessel to be built at the Western Marine shipyard in Bangladesh for Norwegian operators Knut Inge Ostervold and Henrik Ostervold.

The Sawicon-designed, 82 metre Ostervold will be fitted out with fifteen electric trawl winches, net drums, purse seine gear, auxiliary winches, net sounder winches and more, as well as a Scantrol control system.

In addition to the electric drives, both the main trawl winches and the net drums will be powered by double motors as an added security feature and to provide highly dynamic action. The double motor drive uses a gearbox designed, manufactured and supplied by Ibercisa with hardened and ground gears.

The pelagic net drums are among the most powerful on the market with a150 tonne pull at 96 m/min on the first layer, and especially ideal for fishing blue whiting which in the early part of the year.

‘It is a very important project because it begins a process of renovation for the pelagic fleet in the area around Bergen where this fleet has its base,’ said Ramòn Carreira, Director of Business Development at Ibercisa Deck Machinery.

This signing opens an important segment of the market in Norway to the Vigo Company, where Ibercisa’s presence is already known throughout the freezer trawler fleet.

Ibercisa Deck Machinery has already designed, manufactured and supplied the electric deck gear for Danish pelagic vessels Ruth and Beinur.