Oran hosts SIPA 2017

Oran hosts SIPA 2017

The Algerian port city of Oran is this year hosting SIPA’2017, the 7th International Exhibition of Fishing and Aquaculture.

SIPA’2017 is a major event in the field of Algeria’s growing fishing and aquaculture sector. This exhibition, like previous events that have been held since 2003, brings together every aspect of the sector: industry players, investors, banks and research centres, as well as insurance companies and national and international agencies and organisations.

The focus is on co-ordinating efforts to develop the industry, to create genuine investment opportunities to contribute to the sustainable development of the Algerian economy and to ensure optimal use of resources – and SIPA’2017 is part of a sectoral plan to promote investment in fisheries and aquaculture and to accompany the economic changes set out in the country’s development programme, aimed at developing large-scale aquaculture, promoting investment in the fishery and aquaculture sectors, and to encourage co-operation and partnership operations to develop and diversify the sector’s activities.

According to the organisers, the SIPA’2017 Exhibition of Fishing and Aquaculture represents a unique space for the industry and associated sectors who wish to develop projects to meet, familiarise themselves with new technologies to develop business opportunities.

SIPA’2017 is held by the Algerian Chamber of Fisheries and Aquaculture (CAPA), in partnership with the Mohamed Ben Ahmed Convention Centre in Oran, and takes place from the 9th to the 12th November 2017.

Oran is a prime location for the exhibition, placed at the centre of the Algerian fishing and aquaculture sectors.