Nodosa launches Falklands trawler
Montelourido has been launched at the Nodosa yard in Marín

Nodosa launches Falklands trawler

The Nodosa Shipyard in Marín has launched a second new trawler for Rampesca, following the delivery of Monteferro in 2017. Montelourido is built to the same layout, but incorporates some changes to the original design.

According to the yard the inverted bow has performed well on the first vessel in the series. The 63.70 metre LOA, 12 metre beam Monterferro has been shown to handle well, especially under difficult conditions. There are some differences in the new Montelourido, notably in engine power and freezing capacity.

Montelourido will operate alongside its sister vessel on Falklands fishing grounds.

Operated by joint venture company Kalamar, Monterferro replaced the smallest of the company’s fleet, Kalaxtori. Montolourido is owned by Ferralemes, a joint venture between Spanish fishing company Rampesca and Falklands company RBC, and will replace the 30-year old Castelo.

Montelourido is scheduled for completion and delivery in October this year.


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