New Pescanova trawler floated off
NovaNam Two has been floated off at the Armón yard in Vigo. Image: Nueva Pescanova

New Pescanova trawler floated off

The Astilleros Armón yard in Vigo has launched the latest in a series of new fishing vessels for the Nueva Pescanova Group.

The Spanish fishing company is investing heavily in new fishing capacity for its subsidiaries in Mozambique and Namibia. The order for seven trawlers – three for Namibia and four for Mozambique – went to Armón. The yard has already delivered one vessel for each.

50 metre fresher trawler NovaNam Two has just been launched for fitting out at the yard, following sister vessels Lalandii 1, was delivered last year, and NovaNam One which was floated off a few months ago and is in an advanced state of completion, scheduled to be delivered to NovaNam in September.

As well as the three fresher trawlers for Namibia, Astilleros Armón is also building four 32 metres shrimpers with freezing capacity for Nueva Pescanova’s Mozambique subsidiary Pescamar. The first of these, Ponte Matirre, has been in operation since early 2020.

According to Nueva Pescanova, the company is putting a €42.50 million investment into new tonnage, in the process generating 200 jobs in Galicia.

All of the new vessels are designed for efficient operation, with high-efficiency propulsion systems, a new generation of on-board processing and higher levels of comfort and safety for crews.


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