Nodosa delivers first of Cuxhaven pair

Nodosa delivers first of Cuxhaven pair

The Nodosa Shipyard in Galicia has delivered the first of two new trawlers for Cuxhaven fishing company Kutterfisch, which is capable of demersal and semi-pelagic trawling for a variety of species.

Janne-Kristin is designed by Nodosa with an inverted bow which provides excellent seakeeping qualities, especially in poor conditions, and the new trawler measures 35 metres overall with a 10 metre beam. The 350 cubic metre fishroom is optimised for tubs, and can hold approximately 292 x 460 litre tubs, each holding 250kg of fish, plus 228 standard boxes. The catch handling deck has been completed with a high level of automation to minimise heavy lifting and to maximise fish quality. The fishroom is fitted with a pair of 5000kg/day icemakers.

Accommodation is for a crew of 12 in six two-berth cabins.

Janne-Kristin has a 749kW ABC 6DZC main engine driving a controllable pitch 3300mm Schottel ducted propeller via a Reintjes LAF 873L gearbox with a 6.75:1 reduction. Electrical power is provided by a 763kVa Stamford shaft generator, as well as by a 584 kVa Yanmar genset, with a backup Yanmar harbour set.

Deck equipment is from Ibercisa, with an electrical winch system that starts with three 20-tonne trawl winches managed by a Scantrol system.

Ibercisa also supplied the four 16-tonne sweepline winches, two 12-tonne gilsons, a 7.3-tonne codend winch and one net drum with a 12-tonne pull.