New trawler for Faroese owners
Skipsteknisk is designing the new trawler for Faroese company P/F Havborg. Image: Skipsteknisk

New trawler for Faroese owners

A new factory trawler for Faroese company Havborg will be delivered in 2022, built in Turkey to a Skipsteknisk ST-119 design.

Kaj Johannessen, Niels Johannessen, Mortan Johannessen and Helga á Borg from P/F Havborg with Engin Oktay from Tersan, Lidvard Liaset from Skipteknisk and Tersan’s and Sakir Erdogan. Image: Skipsteknisk

P/F Havborg is the partner company of P/F Enniberg, which took delivery of a Skipteknisk-designed trawler back in 1990, built at the Mjellem & Karlsen yard in Bergen.

Enniberg has been a consistently successful fishing vessel and will continue in operation alongside the new vessel – so Skipteknisk and owner Morten Johannessen have a long shared history.

Now 80 years old, he is still putting investment into new fishing capacity for the North Atlantic, with the new trawler to be built at Tersan.

The new trawler for P/F Havborg will be an 87.50 metre, 18 metre breadth factory trawler arranged for triple rigging with four winches and prepared for a fifth winch to be added if required.

It will be laid out with a fillet production factory deck, a shrimp processing line, a fishmeal plant and capacity for handling pelagic species. Fishroom capacity will be 2250 cubic metres, giving it a 1000 tonne capacity, and accommodation is for up to 40 persons.

The design is being finalised in collaboration with the owners, with the emphasis on safe and efficient operation, and on optimal energy consumption as well as minimal emissions.