New netter/seine netter for Hanstholm
Jobi Verft is the main contractor for August HM-95. Image: Jobi Verft

New netter/seine netter for Hanstholm

A new combination netter/seine netter for Hanstholm will come with a custom-built seine net winch from Kynde & Toft when it arrives at the end of 2020.

The contract for the new 17 metre boat was signed with the Jobi yard in Strandby, which is the main contractor for building August HM-95. The boat will be completed at Strandby using a hull constructed at a yard in Poland.
August has been ordered by the August Olsen fishing family – father Gert and his sons René and Morten – who have relocated their fishing business from Thorup Strand to operate instead from Hanstholm.
The move to Hanstholm from the beach at Thorup Strand provides more opportunities, not least to make more regular landings of higher quality fish.
According to Jesper Faurholt at Jobi Verft, there has been good co-operation on the possibilities for this newbuild and Kynde & Toft completed design calculations for the custom-designed seine winch for August.