MSC eco-label to boost hake sales

Cornish fishermen are showing their interest in sustainable fishing because they are ready to use MSC ecolabel for Cornish gill-net hake fishery. For this they have start the assessment to get MSC label. It is true that hake stocks have recovered to nearly double their low point and so the Cornish fishermen are targeting hake for years now.

Paul Trebilcock, CEO of the Cornish Fish Producers Organisation (CFPO), which is leading the move for certification, informed that it is proud to know that the industry has responded to the challenge of working with scientists to better understand the state of fish stocks and where action has been needed to improve stocks it has been taken.

Nathan de Rozarieux, from Seafood Cornwall also welcomed the move saying that the decision is widely accepted to be the gold standard in fisheries eco-labelling that the Cornish industry will be able to develop higher value and higher volume markets for Cornish hake in the UK.

The Co-operative has set up a £200,000 fund to help support fisheries complete the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification process. The Cornish gill-net kake fishery is the fourth fishery in the South West to be supported through the MSC assessment process by the Co-Operative Group. Toby Middleton, UK Country Manager for the MSC added that the CFPO are showing great leadership in their sector.