Mixed fish trip for Vigri
Factory trawler Vigri is landing 550 tonnes of mixed fish in Rekjavík

Mixed fish trip for Vigri

Brim’s factory trawler Vigri is alongside in Reykjavík harbour, docking last night and took fuel on board right away, and discharging began early yesterday morning.

Vigri has 550 tonnes of mixed fish on board after a trip to Westfjords fishing grounds.
‘We were off the Westfjords the whole time. The furthest east we went was the Reykjafjörður Gully, and we finished up in the Víkuráll Gully on the way home,’ said skipper Árni Gunnólfsson.

He commented that the focus of the trip was to search for saithe, and other catch includes haddock, redfish and cod.

‘Most of the time we were on the Hali grounds and we had quite enough of foul weather. The situation is that there isn’t a lot of fish off the Westfjords and these days there’s hardly any cod to be seen on the Hali grounds,’ he said, adding that there was good fishing on golden redfish in the Víkuráll Gully.

‘We took the opportunity and had a look at the Hampiðjan Square. The idea was to pick up some red (deep) redfish, but there wasn’t a lot to be had. There wasn’t any Greenland halibut to be had on the Square either, so we went back to our usual grounds,’ Árni Gunnólfsson said.