Latest in Vard series delivered to Icelandic owners
Harðbakur EA-3 is one of a series of seven trawlers built in Norway this year for Icelandic companies. Image: Samherji

Latest in Vard series delivered to Icelandic owners

The latest in the series of trawlers built for Icelandic companies has been delivered to its owners by the Vard shipyard at Aukra in Norway.

Harðbakur EA-3 has been built for Útgerðarfélag Akureyringa, and the name is one that goes back many years with a number of trawlers having sailed under the Harðbakur name.

Kristján Vilhelmsson, managing director of Samherji’s ship operations, raised the Icelandic flag on board Harðbakur at the Vard yard in Aukra. Image: Samherji

There are seven in the series, built for Bergur-Huginn, Gjögur and Skinney-Thinganes, each of which is taking delivery of two vessels, while Útgerðarfélag Akureyringa ordered a single vessel.

The series is designed by Vard Design in Ålesund with a 28.90 metre overall length. The generous 12 metre beam allows for a 240 cubic metre fishroom. Each has accommodation for up to 13 persons on board.

The design is a departure from the classic trawler layout in Iceland, and the seven trawlers in the series are built with twin propulsion systems. This consists of a pair of 294kW Yanmar 6EY17W main engines driving 2000mm Finnøy propellers via Finnøy reduction gearboxes, each with its own power take-off. In addition there is a Nogva Scania DI13 HCM534CDE-1 genset in the engine room. Side thrusters are from Brunvoll.

Deck equipment is from Seaonics, with the latest in permanent magnet electrical trawl winches, with Scantrol management systems.

On arrival in Iceland, Harðbakur has been handed over to the Slippurinn shipyard for its catch handling deck and systems to be installed. The new trawler is expected to start fishing early next year.

Harðbakur’s skipper is Hjörtur Valsson and Friðrik Karlsson is chief engineer.